Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start LexBar?

LexBar is self-paced, and you will have access to it for six months from the date you purchase the course. Ideally, we suggest starting the course about 4 to 8 weeks before your exam. It is possible to complete the course in 2 weeks doing one lesson per day, but we recommend taking a slower approach than that, if possible. Note that when you enroll in LexBar you receive six months of unlimited course access. If you delay taking the exam beyond your LexBar expiration date, you would have to re-enroll to regain access.

LexBar is designed to supplement a primary bar review course, such as BarBri, Kaplan, or Themis. Even if you are transferring into Virginia from another state by taking only the Virginia State-Specific Exam, you will likely still need a study resource beyond LexBar. The Virginia exam is difficult (see below).

If I am only taking the Virginia essay exam, will LexBar help?

Yes! But the Virginia Essay Exam is challenging. It is not like the more straightforward state-specific exams that tend to exist in UBE states. The essay exam is comprehensive, covering twenty subject areas (depending on exactly how you break them out) and focusing mainly on unique distinctions of Virginia law. LexBar will help you succeed on this challenging exam, but alone it is not enough. Some students use publicly available materials to self-study, but most also enroll in a Virginia-specific program from Barbri, Kaplan, or Themis. If you’re only taking the essay exam, those programs’ MBE materials will not be very useful, but they also have full outlines of Virginia law and other Virginia-specific resources that will help you memorize the many legal rules you will need to know to pass the exam.

How does essay grading work in LexBar?

As you work through the lessons in LexBar, in most lessons, you will write an answer to a practice essay and then self-grade your answer by watching our short video explanations of the correct answer and reviewing an expertly written model answer. On three lessons you will upload a Microsoft Word document of your answer. Within 24 hours of uploading, one of our small team of Virginia lawyers will return your essay to you via email with detailed, substantive comments and a score.

After failing the bar exam, should I retake only the essay exam or repeat the MBE too?

If you scored 137 or higher on the MBE, you probably should not retake it. This is especially true if your essay section score was also in the 130’s or higher.  Many students can increase their essay scores dramatically, but their MBE score is relatively more stable from attempt-to-attempt.

Will you grade additional essays beyond the three included in the course?

Most students do not need additional essays graded. Instead, they need to invest more time memorizing Virginia law rather than writing out full essay answers.

Will I pass the Virginia Bar Exam?

LexBar students have an average pass rate of 94% across all the years of our existence, but whether you pass depends largely on your dedication to using interactive learning techniques and spending your time wisely. LexBar is a tool that will help, but your own study and preparation are still critical to your success. We do not have a guarantee related to passing the bar exam because that would be counter-productive. There are no refunds or discounts on LexBar when repeating the course or the bar exam.

Can I preview what the LexBar course looks like?

Sure! The video below previews what the lessons look like. Each lesson includes a short rules quiz, a practice essay, and a video explaining the correct answer to the practice essay. Each essay represents some of the most commonly tested rules from the Virginia exam. The graded essays and the feedback you get on them will help you know how to write your answer in a way that graders expect.

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