LexBar for the Virginia Bar Exam

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LexBar Sets You Ahead of Your Peers on the Virginia Bar Exam.

The major bar review companies do not sufficiently focus on state-specific law or essay writing. Many of the graders for the big companies give little thought to providing actionable and specific comments on your practice essays. LexBar is an online, self-paced, add-on to your primary bar review course that will set you ahead of other students, and lead you to pass the Virginia Bar. Your score is cumulative, and the essays are worth 60% of that cumulative score. If you want to increase your chances of passing the exam, boosting your Virginia-specific knowledge is the key.

Out-of-State Attorneys Transferring Into Virginia

LexBar is also a great option for Licensed Attorneys coming into Virginia by taking only the Essay Exam.  This is a relatively new option in Virginia, but we’ve been helping people pass the Virginia Essay Exam for over a decade.  Get the details on how we help out-of-state attorneys prepare for the Virginia Essay Exam.

Confidently Finish Day 1 of the Virginia Bar Exam

LexBar includes detailed & thoughtful essay grading. It complements your primary bar review course, providing focused practice for the Virginia-specific section of the exam.  LexBar boosts your Virginia-specific knowledge in comparison to your peers. Experience essay grading from Virginia Lawyers with decades of experience helping people pass the Virginia Bar Exam.

Each of the 14 self-paced lessons includes:

  1. An online Concepts & Rules Quiz covering the lesson’s relevant rules
  2. practice essay question for you to outline or answer
  3. A 6-12 minute video explanation of sample correct answers and essay structure
  4. A self-evaluation questionnaire that tracks your progress & highlights areas for improvement

Not Just Any Random Practice Essays

  • Actual previous exam questions, expertly selected by statistical analysis of previous exams
  • Predicted exam questions written from my review of recent Virginia case law

Three Graded Essays

  • Upload your practice essay on 3 lessons, which our small team of talented Virginia lawyers will grade and return to you
  • Actionable & helpful comments, from experts on Virginia Bar Exam prep, analyzing your graded essays within 24 hours of submission
  • Course enrollment is strictly limited so we can provide excellent feedback to every enrolled student

Course Timeline

  • Self-paced, so you can complete it as quickly or slowly as you want. You will need a minimum of 14 days to complete it.
  • Your primary bar review course will end about 2 weeks before the exam, this essay course fits perfectly in that gap. Regardless of when you start the lessons, the course will remain available until after your bar exam is over.

I look forward to welcoming you to the practice of law in Virginia. 

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