LexBar for the Virginia Bar Exam

LexBar Sets You Ahead of Your Peers on the Virginia Bar Exam

LexBar is a self-paced add-on to your primary bar review course that will set you ahead of other students, and help you pass the Virginia Bar Exam. 

The essay exam is worth 60% of your cumulative score. If you want to increase your chances of passing the exam, boosting your Virginia-specific knowledge is the key. LexBar includes actionable essay grading by skilled Virginia lawyers that will boost your score.

Why LexBar?

Each of the 14 lessons includes:

  • A Concepts & Rules Quiz covering the lesson's relevant rules
  • A practice essay question
  • A 6-12 minute video explaining the correct answer
  • A self-evaluation questionnaire that tracks your progress

Confidently Finish Day 1 of the Virginia Bar Exam

LexBar includes detailed & thoughtful essay grading. Three essays are graded by a team of talented Virginia lawyers and returned to you with substantive and actionable feedback.

not just any random practice essays

Actual questions from previous exams and predicted questions that help you learn the most important rules, and how the graders expect you to connect them to the facts.


The course is self-paced so you can complete it as quickly or slowly as you want, but you will need a minimum of 14 days to complete it. Register now, as the course will close when we reach capacity for your exam.


If you're an out-of-state attorney getting licensed in Virginia by taking only the Virginia Essay Exam, LexBar can help you too! Join us for a live webinar for out-of-state attorneys coming soon.

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Registration is now open for February 2021 test takers. Registration will close when we reach capacity.
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Registration open

LexBar closes when we reach maximum capacity for your exam. Registration is now open for February 2021 test takers.
Limited Spots


Register now and if your exam is changed or re-scheduled due to COVID-19, your access to LexBar will not expire until after your exam. Our course is fully online, and our team members have always worked remotely. So we will be here to support you, as always. Stay safe!