July 2016 Virginia Bar Exam Pre-Results Analysis

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Virginia Bar Exam Results For July 2016

The Virginia Board of Bar Examiners says that it will release July 2016 bar exam results on October 21, 2016. The waiting is always the hardest part.

In my online essay prep courseI included practice essays on 100% of the topics the bar examiners tested on the July 2016 essay exam (along with a few subjects that weren’t tested this time: Real Property, Domestic Relations, and Wills).  I’ll be updating the program for 2017, as they are making some changes to the Virginia Bar Exam before the next administration. I’ll post more on the coming changes in a future blog post.

Topics Tested on the Virginia Bar Essays in July 2016

july 2016 virginia bar examEvery year the Virginia Bar Exam essay section seems tough, and this year was no exception. Many people lamented the topics the essay examiners chose, or more accurately the topics they did not choose. The lack of a full wills or domestic relations question surprised some. Others lamented the extended speeches about complying with the dress code.

While it always feels like Virginia has abandoned the most frequently tested subjects, they really haven’t. It’s just that not all the frequently tested subjects are on every exam. The essay subjects that examiners tested: Torts, Partnerships, Professional Responsibility, UCC/Secured Transactions, Criminal, Federal Civil Procedure/Local Government, UCC/Negotiable Instruments, Personal Property, and Virginia Civil Procedure. If you’re brave enough, you can see the exam questions and sample answers posted at William & Mary’s site. With the 12 lessons and practice essays in our program this year, we manged to cover 100% of the essay topics that examiners tested on in the July 2016 exam.

You Probably Passed!

Almost everyone is lamenting the lack of essays on the most tested subjects. Almost everyone is saying that they could only narrow most questions down to 2 possible correct answers. If that describes how you feel, then you probably passed the exam. If you didn’t pass, sign up and give it another go! There are thousands of highly successful practicing attorneys who took it more than once.