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Tools For Studying for the Virginia Bar Exam

Top Bar Exam Study iPhone and iPad Apps for iOS


  • The Critical Pass MBE Flashcards.  The free iPhone app has 10 questions per MBE subject. Within the app you can pay about $50.00 for all 300 cards covering all MBE subjects. You can highlight, make notes, and choose your own set of cards for re-review. Everything stays in-sync across  your iDevices. This is the best MBE flashcard app by far, and the cheapest one too if you want good coverage of the MBE topics.
  • If you follow my blog, you know sleep is an important part of good bar prep.  Did you know there are also iPhone apps for sleep? This one uses research-backed sounds you play by your bedside at night.


Gamify Your Bar Prep

Passing the Bar is a board game that makes studying for the MBE a lot more fun. This is a great part of the “active learning” style of bar study that I recommend based on university research into active learning. If you have a study group this board game is a great way to memorize the MBE rules using immediate feedback and built-in competition to drive real learning. Unfortunately, the game is a little pricey and often out-of-stock. But if it is available right now, you might want to consider picking one up here.  Many people have told me that it is worth the relatively high price.



Books and Other Printed Bar Exam Resources

Pass the Bar! is a good book for specific information about what to do during the year before bar exams; checklists, exercises, and reflection questions; tips for studying and completing practice questions; and sample exam questions and answers to maximize their likelihood of bar exam success. The recommendations in the book are grounded in educational and psychological research as well as their personal experiences in designing programs and preparing thousands of students to pass their bar exams. Readers will find the text user-friendly and its recommendations straightforward and practical. You can get Pass the Bar! here.


This is the single most highly recommended book for any bar exam re-taker. If you struggled with the MBE, this book will help tremendously with focused practice for the MBE. Consistent with my advice to train for the bar instead of studying, this book gives you the right strategies and practice time for the MBE. Honestly, not everyone will benefit from this book. Many students do fine with only the MBE study materials that come included with their bar review course. But if you did that stuff and are still struggling with the MBE, this book is for you.  You can purchase it here.


Grab some great flashcards for the MBE.  These are highly recommended for active learning of the MBE rules and getting accustomed to the questions.


Blogs and Websites

Silverman Bar Preparation Great blog on MBE prep

Dwight Zenzano – A bar exam tutor in the DC / Northern Virgina Area

Eric  – A bar exam tutor near George Mason University.



Something You Should Know
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